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Frickin Jim's Affordable Adventures
Love dirt bikes and dual-sports? Love affordable riding? I do as well! In-Depth motorcycle reviews on affordable bikes. No BS Tests of motorcycle products, techniques, and maintenance theory to filter out the money-wasting garbage on the internet. Well-documented, information-packed, sensible bike builds. Absolute SHREDDING. Epic adventure. You'll find it all here for the low price of ZERO DOLLARS.MISSION STATEMENT: To produce informational content which gives insight on motorcycles to budget-conscious riders in order to provide them with one more trustworthy perspective to consider when making a motorcycle-related decision. WARNING: Do not contact this channel for sponsorships, paid reviews, or any of that BS. This channel will only make unbiased content and will not accept money, products, or services for a video. If you are a brand, seller, or manufacturer seeking the removal of one of my videos, the answer is "no," so do not seek to contact this channel.
Leaving 2017 in the Dust
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Published at 2017, December 12
A cringe-worthy compilation video of the bikes that I got to have fun on in 2017. I wasn't home for
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